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Veronica Gritsenko Retrospective Exhibition
and Preview of New Creations

Join our VIP special event
A walk-through of Veronica Gritsenko's Time...

A Special selection of lacquer artworks by Takashi Wakamiya and his team Hikoju Maki-e.
彥十蒔繪 若宮隆志 漆藝精品收藏

The lacquer master Takashi Wakamiya embodies an ext...

Urushi Design & Innovation by Taiichi Kirimoto & Kohei Kirimoto
設計與未來 桐本泰一 桐本滉平 漆展
Exhibition period 1.6 - 30.6.2019

Kirimoto Family in Wajima, Ishikawa...

27.4.19 - 19.5.19

The Spirit of Urushi By Junko Yashiro 八代淳子 漆展

Urushi wooden sake ware and tableware beautifully handcrafted by Junko Yashiro.

The word “urus...

23.3.19 - 7.4.19

Stream 流演

Shoko TARUMA | Japan | Lacquer
POON Fai Wong Nick | Hong Kong | Ceramics
柞磨祥子 | 日本 | 漆
潘輝煌 | 香港 | 陶瓷

Contemporary works of lacquer...

1.12.18 - 30.12.18

“The Allure of Urushi” by Ayako Nagamori


Using along with gold, silver, and seashell inlays, Ayako Nagamori has ambitiously employed...

27.10.18 - 25.11.18

Kaleidoscope of the Lacquer Arts by Hong Yidong


Paintings 畫作 .  Vessels 器皿 .  Jinshan 金繕 .

Born in Shanxi, China, in 1...

15.9.18 - 14.10.18 

The art of lacquer by Jun Anzai

安西淳 漆展

The art for lacquer for everyday life.  
Hold the utensil in the palm of your hand.  Experience the...

Vessels 皿
The Gallery by SOIL presents a special collection of "Vessels", featuring the use of different techniques, materials and craftsmanship in the la...

The Gallery by SOIL presents a joint exhibition of lacquer masters and designers:

Saeko Ando Vietnam
Franck (Kaiho) Cengizalp France
Chau So-hing Hong Kong

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