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Founded in 2012, SOIL aims to promote Asian arts and crafts through the inspiring history, culture and humanity behin...

The special blend of East and West gives Hong Kong a unique heritage and cultural identity.  Hong Kong's English name is deri...


Handthrown Pottery Tableware: Form Follows Function 手拉陶瓷器皿:形隨功能

Concept by SOIL 
Handcrafted by Manho
Designed and handm...

Lacquer art in China has a long history. The oldest lacquer ware discovered dates back to the Warring States period (403-221...

In collaboration with Peng Chau Chiu Kee Porcelain 坪洲超記瓷器廠

A true cottage industry in Hong Kong. In the early 1970s, Peng Chau...


Circular Boxes with Compartments

Lacquer candies box is typically used for Chinese new year. The container with compartm...

Natural dyes are dyes or colorants derived from plants, herbal medicines, flowers, vegetables, teas or minerals. Archaeologis...

Xiabu is a type of ramie which is a pure, handmade plain weave cloth or rib fabric which is also known as ramie cloth, cloth,...

The art of jute embroidery originates from Shanxi Provence.  Jute embroidery is achieved through layer upon layer of cotton a...

We start with delving into one of the traditional materials, bamboo mat, which can be often seen in Chinese kitchens.  Our in...

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