“Fragrant Harbour “


A special blend of east and west gives Hong Kong a unique heritage and cultural identity. “Fragrant Harbour’ Hong Kong’s English name is derived from two Chinese characters, “Heung” and “Gong”. Some historian suggest that Hong Kong’s Chinese name was inspired by its export of fragrant incense.


Many people believe that the aroma from incense offers various benefits ranging from calming the mind to boosting a person’s mood. This compact ebony box makes the enjoyment of incense become easy, safe and accessible. 

“Fragrant Harbour” Ebony wooden Incense utensils with brass compartment

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  • It combines the functions of incense utensils and storage of incense sticks. The brass compartment designs are inspired by the patterns of folding metal gates in Hong Kong.  Simply light an incense and lay it on the fire-resistant fabrics. The fragrance of the incense can come through the decorative brass while the compartment at the bottom provides storage of spare incense sticks.  

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