Lacquerware Design Experiments



Circular Boxes with Compartments


Lacquer candies box is typically used for Chinese new year. The container with compartments is good for serving candies and food. When it is not in use, just wiping it with damp wet cloth will do.




Bamboo coiled body with several layers of natural lacquer and natural mineral pigments applied.




Clutch bag/wallet  小提包

Bamboo weaved body; Incised natural lacquer. 竹織丶天然漆丶全手工雕飾。



“Sunset” Lacquer Box and Horse Hair Cups 


Designed by Chau So Hing 周素卿 for SOIL




Lacquer Jewellery  漆藝配飾 

Handcrafted by Taiwan Sunrise Lacquer for SOIL

These earrings are polished by hand with natural lacquer on a wooden base and inlaid with gold leaf, eggshells or mother of pearls. Sterling silver earrings.





Interview 訪問文章:

Chinese Cultural Studies Center, August 2017

Nonagon Style, November 2016

TVB Weekly, 2014


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