Painted in Peng Chau


In collaboration with Peng Chau Chiu Kee Porcelain 坪洲超記瓷器廠

Presented by SOIL, the exhibition traced the path of memories of Master Lam and his wife. Their encounters with the ceramic artist, Winus Lee, and two young graphic designers, Vicky Lau and Kathy Liu, are illustrated through short films, literature, installation and creation of works – all painted in Peng Chau.


Painted in Peng Chau 手繪坪洲

Peng Chau Island was once a thriving industrial powerhouse. In the 60s and 70s, the largest matches factory in Southeast Asia established themselves on the northwestern coast of this small island. Other large-scale factories included teak furniture, shipyards and tanneries were located in Peng Chau. Additionally, the light industry such as light bulb factories, cane-weaving industry and many other types of handcrafts flourished there. During their peak, Chiu Kee (超記) Porcelain Factory employed 30 craftsmen including Master Lam Chiu who used his porcelain painting skills to feed his whole family.

坪洲曾是一個繁盛的工業小島。在60至70年代,島上建有東南亞最大的火柴廠以及林林種種的工廠 包括木器、船塢、皮革等,不少的輕工業如燈泡製造、籐織、手工藝也非常蓬勃。全盛時期林超先生的超記瓷器廠聘有30多工人都以手繪花碗為生。

Interview 訪問文章:

Ming Pao Weekly, August 2014

Eat and Travel Weekly, September 2014

Yahoo News, August 2014 PMQ Corner, 2014

5 July - 9 Sept 2014


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