Revitalizing Local Brands by SOIL

Tei Mou Koon Desserts - A branding revamp project for this beloved dessert shop in Kowloon City covered full study of the identity, colours, tagline, visual language and systems. Inspired by the canton porcelain pattern designs, SOIL team created a new set of graphics and illustrations, and adopted them in the tableware, menu and packaging design.



Interview 訪問文章:

Eat and Travel Weekly, May 2015

About SOIL

Founded in 2012,  SOIL aims to promote crafts through the inspiring history, culture and humanity behind them.


We offer a new perspective and experience to traditional crafts. 

In collaborations with designers and craftsmen across different 

disciplines and cultures, we hope to create better craft designs exposed to alternative methods and materials. Collaboration spreads our design sphere of influence and breaks down walls with new approaches.

SOIL 土壤文創於2012年成立,與不同地域的創作人合作,




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