Lacquerware From Fuzhou

China is the earliest country in the world using natural lacquer. SOIL brings to Hong Kong the works from one of the most esteemed masters Chen Jie in Fuzhou. Fuzhou is well known as the country’s lacquer capital, its bodiless lacquer is dubbed as one of the "Three Chinese Handicraft Treasures."


Black colour is the original colour of lacquer. In Chinese, the term 漆黑 refers to lacquer-blackness. This "little ants" box demonstrates well the lustrous blackness of lacquer.


The beautiful colour is achieved by applying layer upon layer of lacquer with gold leaf, and then polishing after every single layer.


About SOIL

Founded in 2012,  SOIL aims to promote crafts through the inspiring history, culture and humanity behind them.


We offer a new perspective and experience to traditional crafts. 

In collaborations with designers and craftsmen across different 

disciplines and cultures, we hope to create better craft designs exposed to alternative methods and materials. Collaboration spreads our design sphere of influence and breaks down walls with new approaches.

SOIL 土壤文創於2012年成立,與不同地域的創作人合作,




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