"Stream" 「流演」

23.3.19 - 7.4.19

Stream 流演

Shoko TARUMA | Japan | Lacquer POON Fai Wong Nick | Hong Kong | Ceramics 柞磨祥子 | 日本 | 漆 潘輝煌 | 香港 | 陶瓷

Contemporary works of lacquer artist Shoko Taruma and Ceramist Nick Poon are chosen to reflect the progressive passage of history, and the inspiring heritage of lacquer and ceramic arts. 從日本漆藝家柞磨祥子和香港陶藝家潘輝煌的當代藝術作品,反映生生不息的歷史,漆和陶瓷源遠流長的傳承。

Docent Talk: A dialogue in Black and White 展覽導賞講座:黑與白的對話

Shoko Taruma from Japan, and Poon Fai Wong Nick will meet up in Hong Kong at The Gallery by SOIL to share their insights into the contemporary art creation with the most ancient methods, lacquer and ceramics. 日本漆藝家柞磨祥子和香港陶藝家潘輝煌將親臨The Gallery by SOIL,分享他們如何應用漆藝和陶瓷這兩種傳統工藝於他們的當代藝術創作之中。

Date: 23 March 2019 (Saturday) Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm Venue: The Gallery by SOIL, 52 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan Language: English/Japanese (supplemented with Cantonese) Free admission

日期:2019年3月23日(週六) 時間 : 下午3時30分 - 5時30分 地點:上環普慶坊52號地下The Gallery by SOIL 語言:英語/日語(輔以廣東話翻譯) 費用全免

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Founded in 2012,  SOIL aims to promote crafts through the inspiring history, culture and humanity behind them.


We offer a new perspective and experience to traditional crafts. 

In collaborations with designers and craftsmen across different 

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SOIL 土壤文創於2012年成立,與不同地域的創作人合作,




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