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Discover Crafts : Tea Appreciation 發現工藝:品茶體驗班 31.7.2021 (In Chinese only)

Tea is the tender leaves or buds of the Camellia plants. It was used in ancient times to detoxify and used in diet later. Tea can be divided into six major tea types in response to different production processes : green tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, green tea and dark tea. The tea master uses different degrees of roasting in the refining process, while retaining the original tea fragrance, it also interweaves the rich aroma and taste changes.


Tutor 導師

Him Wei is a tea art instructor, senior tea artist and senior tea critic. Since childhood, he has been fascinated with tea influenced by his family. With many years of experience in tea art and tea evaluation, he also spares no effort in teaching tea art and tea evaluation. He is willing to share various tea tasting and tea art experiences with others.



"TEA HEALS" has been founded since 2020, which aims to procure a variety of high-quality and aromatic tea from a sustainable source. In addition, their expert team shares knowledge about tea and herbal medicine to audience in both traditional and scientific context, enabling them to understand their preferences. The objective is to provide choice for them to achieve “Tea therapy for mind and body" maintaining individuals’ health and balance.



主辦:香港 SOIL 土壤文創 x Tea Heals 茶療

日期:2021年7月 31日(星期六)





發現工藝:品茶體驗班 報名:







優惠費用: 每位HK$380 適用於

- 在7月15日前報名

- 中學及大專學院全日制學生

(7月15日後個人報名費用: 每位HK$420)



如有查詢請電郵 或致電 2975 4410。

facebook: SOIL 土壤文創

Instagram: craftbysoil


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