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Home 家 —— Junko YASHIRO Urushi Art Exhibition 八代淳子漆展 9.12.2023 - 7.1.2024


There is no better place on earth than Home. Home is where family celebrates traditions and rituals together. Simple and authentic. Let’s appreciate the timeless beauty of urushi. #lacquerart #漆

沒有比家更好的地方了! 「家」是一家人慶祝傳統和感受儀式的地方。簡單而真實。讓我們一起感受漆藝永恆之美。

Meet the Artist

Junko Yashiro will be with us in Hong Kong. Join us to meet her on Saturday, 9.12.2023, 3-5pm for a relaxing afternoon. Tea and canapés will be served using her handcrafted lacquerware.

藝術家在廊八代淳子將到香港與我們在 2023 年 12 月 9 日星期六下午跟大家聚聚,喝喝茶、吃吃點心、談談漆藝。


Junko YASHIRO 八代淳子

Junko YASHIRO graduated from MFA in Urushi Arts, Department of Crafts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan in 1995, where the university is the only one national university specialising in the arts among Japan.

Relocating to Karuizawa, Nagano with her family over ten years ago, she has begun her home-studio and started making limited lacquerware of her own design. Every lacquerware piece is handcrafted by Yashiro from a log of wood till the final touch of lacquer decoration.

Fuki-urushi technique is represented well in her lacquerware design. Thin and even lacquer coating is applied to highlight the natural, timeless beauty of the wood grain. These lacquerware are durable and will last.



The Gallery by SOIL is dedicated to presenting the art of lacquer from Asia. It is probably the first gallery in Hong Kong which brings together lacquer masters and artists of diverse cultures, blending the traditional with the contemporary to showcase variety in the discipline.


Shop 102, 1/F, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun,

10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

12nn - 6pm Tuesday - Sunday

Enquiry: 5916 9266 / 9559 3908


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