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Homecoming 回家 Ceramic art by Eugene CHUNG, Ho LAI, Gerald MAK 30.9 - 16.10.2022

Curated and presented by Contemporary Crafts Centre


About the Exhibition

Homecoming is a trio group exhibition presenting new works by Eugene CHUNG, Ho LAI and Gerald MAK. This group of artists share some common grounds - being Hong Kong born and raised, each relocated to London at different times to pursue higher education in ceramics and eventually found their way of living in the United Kingdom.

Although the three artists have different temperaments and perspectives in their respective art practices, at the core, they share the same appreciation for ceramics. So naturally, they find ceramics as a material and medium for self-expression, an artistic language to innovate, experiment with, and create their designs.

Their practices are informed by their everyday encounters, personal experiences, and exploration of cultural identities, which all come to them naturally as they navigate different cultures and social contexts.

The works for this show were created in London, far from the home of the artists. But, overcoming hurdles of the new normal in the past three years during the pandemic, it is almost ceremonial for the group to be able to exhibit formally in Hong Kong again, the city they love and grew up in.

鍾雍爵、黎晧和麥凱謙三位陶瓷創作人的共通之處 — 於香港土生土長,各自在不同時期移居倫敦升學並鑽研陶藝,最終在英國找到了自己的生活方式。今次在香港的聯展主題是《回家》。