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Mono no aware 物哀之美 Ceramic art by Amanda TONG & Jun MATSUMURA A duo exhibition 26.11 - 24.12.2022


Presented by Contemporary Crafts Centre

About the Exhibition

“the pathos of things”

the bittersweet realisation of how things never stay the same and change constantly;

the awareness that everything in existence is temporary




in response to the pandemic


learning to slow down and savour every moment


tea as a medium to connect with ourselves, our senses & mother nature

teaware as a tool to facilitate thought, reflection and dialogue

哀是憐憫,也是感嘆、讚揚。 是內心直接發出的聲音。







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Meet the Artist 藝術家分享

Speaker: Amanda Tong 湯凱恩

Time: 10.12.2022 (Saturday) 2:30 - 4:30pm

Venue: Contemporary Crafts Centre

Shop H, G/F Hollywood Building, 186 Hollywood Road (Entrance at Upper Station Street), Sheung Wan

Language: Cantonese (Supplemented in English) 以廣東話進行

This is a Free-of-Charge event 費用全免

The artist Amanda TONG will be meeting participants to share her thoughts on ‘mono no aware’, a bittersweet realisation towards constant changes, through her creations showcased in this exhibition. We invite you to this sharing session to understand more about her life in Japan over the last two years, her observations, the cultural experiences, and how these inspire her works.



About Amanda TONG

Having trained in Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, Amanda's approach to practice is driven by concepts, research and material processes. With a real passion for the material, Amanda graduated in 2014 with a First Class Honours and went on to establish her own business as a ceramics designer-maker. She is currently based in Japan. Her works have been exhibited internationally in Hong Kong, London, Japan, New York, Poland and Singapore.

Being born in an Eastern culture from Hong Kong but also being educated in the West has provided her a unique perspective on how design can be used, combining with a dedication in craftsmanship. The stories behind different cultures and traditional rituals are so intriguing that she often finds herself delving into the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ - and eventually they all serve as inspirations to her design work.

Maintaining a persistent and positive approach is key to her practice, and it’s an energy that she wishes to deliver through her works.

陶藝家湯凱恩於倫敦中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院修讀陶瓷設計課程後,她的陶藝創作源於概念、研究、材質的處理。她於 2014 年以一等榮譽畢業後,忠於對陶藝的熱愛,建立了個人陶瓷設計品牌。現居於日本,她的作品曾在香港、倫敦、日本、紐約、波蘭和新加坡等地展出。



“An important element of these new works “Mono no aware” is that the results were always unpredictable, resulting in 100% unique pieces. The natural dyes used here will evolve with time and use. Today’s look will be different from yesterday’s – it’s a living body of work that encourages us to observe and appreciate changes.

All the pots are hand-built (not thrown), so I felt closely connected to each piece working on the clay. They’re dyed with natural materials gathered over different seasons, e.g. sakura branches in spring, sunflower seeds in summer, sakura leaves in autumn, and ginkgo leaves in winter. The results are always unpredictable! They also celebrate my interest in growing my own food — I’ve used carrot leaves from my garden for dyeing as well.”





Based in Japan, Jun is a ceramic artist trained in Tajimi City CeramicsDesign Institute and Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo (Crafts Studio). His artworks have been exhibited in Japan, London, Paris, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United States.

As an artist growing up surrounded by the Japanese philosophy and subcultures, he creates work based on the practise of Kogei (Japanese traditional arts and crafts) and he uses porcelain as the medium to reflect on the delicacy of the modern culture, prompting the audience to rethink about the current situations in society and the underlying consequences. Each piece of Jun’s ceramic sculpture is lovingly carved by hand over hours to yield soft curves and the sensual feel.

日本陶瓷藝術家松村淳,曾在多治見市陶瓷設計學院和金澤卯辰山工藝工房進修陶藝。 作品曾在日本丶倫敦丶巴黎丶台灣丶香港和美國展出。

松村淳於日本哲學和文化的氛圍中成長,他的創作以實踐日本傳統工藝Kogei精神為基礎,以「瓷」作為媒介,來反思現代社會文化的微妙,啟發觀眾重新思考社會當下及對未來的重重意義。 松村淳的每件作品都由他親手經時雕塑,線條柔美而極富質感。

“I first experienced Chinese tea around the age of 13. My mother was interested in Chinese tea culture, and we would s pend time drinking Chinese tea together.

My interest in it grew when I visited Hong Kong a few years ago. Amanda has taken me to visit different tea shops and tea masters. It’s intriguing how different it is from Japanese tea ceremony; nevertheless, I think they share many similarities.

The best way for me to learn about Chinese tea culture was to make Chinese teaware. By designing Chinese teaware, I was able to understand more about Chinese culture, so I thought it would be interesting to create some with a Japanese twist, notably incorporating asymmetrical aspects, and some cyberpunk influences from Japanese animation.”





Mono no aware series - Prunus x yedoensis, fall 2022, riverside

Amanda TONG, 2022

Stoneware, porcelain, natural dye

H223mm x L180mm x W60mm

Mono no aware series -

Prunus x yedoenisis fall 2022, riverside Ginkgo biloba fall 2021, riverside

Amanda TONG, 2022

Stoneware, porcelain, natural dye

H135mm x D105mm

The Perfect Imbalance series- Chawan

Amanda TONG, 2022


H115mm x φ100mm

(with wooden box & hand-dyed furoshiki)

Divergence 5.01 (Teapot)



H60mm x W90mm x L150mm

Judith Complex SLP 01 (Tea Container)



H70mm x W70mm x L180mm

Shifting Qualia Tb (Tea Bowl)



H90mm x L120mm x W120mm


Contemporary Crafts Centre

A gallery space dedicated to presenting handcrafted art creations, empowered by Giant Year and SOIL in Hong Kong.

We feature contemporary craft-based artists whose work embraces the increasingly blurred boundaries between art, craft and design.


Shop H, G/F Hollywood Building

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Hong Kong

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