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Xiabu is a type of ramie which is a pure, handmade plain weave cloth or rib fabric which is also known as ramie cloth, cloth, linen or flat yarn. Ramie is also known as white leaf ramie which is a perennial herb and has been used since ancient times as an important textile fiber crop.



As early as the Warring States period in Jiangxi, ancient Yue people engaged in ramie cultivation and the use of handwoven Shennong Yu Ma or "rich silk." In Western countries, it is sometimes called "Chinese grass."

早在春秋戰國時期,江⻄古越族先⺠就已經開始從事苧麻耕種和使用手工織布。 神農譽麻,史稱“富貴絲”。 ⻄方國家稱它為”中國草”。

Photo Courtesy of 閒雲夏布工作室

Ramie can be woven into cloth by degumming, bleaching, warping, brushing, weaving, machining or other processes.



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