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漆 20g 
刮刀 x 1
研磨粉 15g 
拋光粉 20g
塑料手套 x 2
純金粉 0.1g x 2
勺子 x 1
漆刷 x 1

砂紙 #600目, #800目, #1000目 x 1




金繼是日文的稱謂,指是以天然漆把破損的陶瓷、或紫砂、竹器、小木器甚至玉器等修合補缺,若需食用會使用純金或純銀。金繼不單可以還原破碎的器物,更加添了另一種難以言喻「殘缺的美」。 在中國則稱為漆繕,泛指以天然漆作修復之用。


Kintsugi Kit
(Including natural lacquer gold powder, materials and Kintsugi tools)

Kit Includes:
Urushi (Natural Lacquer) 20g
Spatula x 1
Masking tape x 1
Migakiko Polishing powder 15g
Tonoko powder 20g
Plastic gloves x 2
Gold Powder 0.1g x 2
Spoon x 1
Paint brush x 1
Sandpaper 600, 800, 1000 x 1


What Kintsugi is about?

Some four or five centuries ago in Asia, a lavish technique emerged for repairing broken ceramics. This particularly refers to China and Japan. Artisans began using natural lacquer and gold or other colour pigment to put shattered vessels back together. In Chinese, it is called “qishan” which literally means repairing by lacquer. In Japan, this tradition, known as kintsugi, meaning “golden seams” (or kintsukuroi, “golden repair”), refers to the mending process with lacquer (Japanese urushi) done with gold.

正宗金繼自學套裝 Kintsugi Kit


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