One can be creative for home decoration such as table runners, blinders, screens, wallpaper, lampshades. Ramie is also a material that can often be used in traditional crafts such as lacquerware, shoes and furniture making.


It is called “Chinese grass” in the West for its unique texture. Ramie threads are weaved entirely by hand involving the process of degumming, bleaching, warping, brushing, filing and weaving.

Ramie Table Runner in Red

PriceFrom HK$250.00
  • As early as the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, Jiangxi ancient Yue ancestors had begun to engage in ramie cultivation and apply ramie in weaving. Xiabu or ramie is entirely hand-weaved and is also known as Chinese grass cloth or linen. Ramie is retrieved from a plant which literally means “White leaf ramie”. It is a perennial herb and its fiber has been used in textile making since ancient times.