Anna Gleeson was born and grew up in a farming and coal-mining region of Australia. As a kid she stared out the car window at big, sometimes ruined landscapes. At age sixteen she spent an exchange year in Dresden (where there were a lot of bitter old ladies waiting at bus stops). Anna studied Media Arts at Sydney College of the Arts and, after graduating, quickly decided never to make a film again. After stints in Berlin, New York and Tokyo, where she worked across craft, illustration and art, Anna settled in Hong Kong in 2011 where she has been working, primarily as an artist, since. Anna also published ‘ha wan pao’ (2012 - 2016). Her current work spans painting, print-making and sculpture. Her most recent exhibition "clay/body" was held in May 2021, presented by Contemporary Crafts Centre in Hong Kong.


"I’m interested in vessels because they have an inside and an outside; a hole, an edge and a rim. I like the way they can stand in for the figure; seeming to have ankles, hips, arms, lips, ears and an attitude. I have been drawing vessels I find in museums for years; I like the way they communicate across culture and time."

-Anna Gleeson


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Sad Clown by Anna Gleeson

  • Artist: Anna Gleeson

    Material: Two Colours Stoneware with Underglaze

    Size: 14cm x 11cm x 20 cm

    Product Code: CC-AG-1


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