Anthony SO Lamhoi is a metalsmith. He studied Western art and explored sculptures, which inspired him to pursue craft creation. To create unique handicrafts and jewellers that combined forging, enamelling, repousse and numerous other metalworking techniques, he hopes to bring traditional craftsmanship and aesthetics into innovative designs.


This small flower vessel is shaped like a stone in the river. To fill with plant and delight, the vessel has a Zen sense and reflects the rock's vitality in the stream. Forging metal with hammering, thousands of tempers are like long-term scouring. The metal gradually takes shape, but the material still retains the original extraordinary tension. As a craftsman, he often feels that creation is a dialogue with the work rather than a one-way operation.


Tin can be highly polished and is used as a protective coat for other metals in order to prevent corrosion or other chemical action. Because is it so malleable, it is a popular choice in metal structure.


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Stream Stone Pique-fleurs #01 #craftedinhk

  • Artist: Anthony So

    Material: Tin

    Size: H75mm x W55mm x D30mm

    Product Code: MET-AS-SO1