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A Couple of … Experiments


In collaboration with Lok Ming Fung

Today many people see ceramic tableware or products as perfect and flawless. The mass production has led to lower prices and we forget about the craftsmanship and how the real ceramic clay look and feels like. We hope this exhibition can bring back and reveal the primitive beauty of ceramics.


Lok Ming Fung wanted to go back to square one – basic making techniques and test glazing.

Here she wants to show the other side of ‘production’ – the hand made pieces with marks evident from the different making processes within the vessels and the results of her stoneware glaze test tiles.

不同於拉柸(Throwing)和倒模(Moulding)製作,手捏(Hand built)是學習陶藝第一步的技巧。馮樂敏重拾這基本步,用手指逐一把陶泥搓捏丶修邊丶整型,每一件陶器都留下一個個淡淡的手指印,讓陶器回歸至最最原始的狀態。她更自行調配「釉藥」(Glaze),進行不同的實驗,當釉藥遇上不同的陶泥丶溫度丶配方,就產生了意想不到而又變化多端的顏色。

Interview 訪問文章:

25 Apr - 25 May 2014



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