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"Burmese Days - A Timeline" Exhibition

14 Sept - 13 Oct 2012

YY9 gallery

In collaboration with YY9 gallery

“Burmese Days – A Timeline”, a group exhibition by Benny Lau, Chris Lo and Chau So-hing. In this exhibition, the three artists will present works inspired by their journey with the SOIL team in an expedition to Bagan, Myanmar last year.

在2012年春天,從事不同設計範疇的劉紹增、羅士廉及周素卿獲SOIL邀請到訪位於緬甸的蒲甘。 在是次展覽中,三位藝術家透過一系列的作品,表現出對緬甸旅程的種種感受。

Located in the dry central plains of the country laying on the Eastern bank of the Irrawaddy River, Bagan was the capital of the first Burmese empire. A casual stroll up the stairway of any of the major pagodas reveals a host of natural landscape wonders, a cluster of magnificent brick structures and the wealth of traditional arts and crafts. Over the centuries, Buddhism has been the prime inspiration for much of Burma’s artistic endeavour. It has deeply permeated the way of living, ideas, manners and aspirations of the Burmese people. Times stands still; it seemed that they were gliding through a secret journey into a hidden world.



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