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Ceramic Design Experiments


Handthrown Pottery Tableware: Form Follows Function 手拉陶瓷器皿:形隨功能

Concept by SOIL

Handcrafted by Manho

Designed and handmade in Hong Kong

Form follows function is a principle associated with modern design. The principle is that the shape of an object should be primarily based upon its intended function. Many people do not realize the size of the cup is probably one of the most important factors for good flavored coffee or tea.

形式隨功能是現代設計的其中一個原則,意指物體的形狀主要基於功能。 許多人沒有意識到杯子的大小會是優質咖啡或茶最重要的因素之一。

Handthrown Ceramic Mug with Motif of Roosters 赳鷄手拉陶杯

Handmade and hand-decorated in Hong Kong

Rooster artwork by Dixon Ngai

Concept and design by SOIL


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