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Collect 2021 24.2 - 2.3.2021

Dedicated to promoting contemporary lacquer art, The Gallery by SOIL represents the most innovative artists of our time in Asia and beyond. We are delighted to be part of Collect2021 - the international art fair for contemporary craft and design. Presented by the Crafts Council, Collect 2021 is an Online Edition, which will appear in the digital realm on both the Crafts Council’s website and on Artsy.

To coincide this, we will hold a physical exhibition, at our gallery in Hong Kong, themed “New Wave” from 24 February to 26 March 2021. The ancient craft of lacquer is one of Asia’s oldest artistic traditions. Evidence for the use of lacquer - a tree sap used to coat and decorate objects like boxes, tableware and furniture, dates back approximately 9,000 years. “New Wave" will look at some inventive ways in which contemporary artists have embraced unusual materials and lacquer making methods. A distinctive and unique selection of lacquer works will include tableware, collectibles and artworks.

We take pleasure in inviting you to visit

“New Wave” Lacquer Art Exhibition

The Gallery by SOIL

Shop H, Hollywood Building

186 Hollywood Road

Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

24.2 - 26.3.2021

12:30pm - 7pm, Tuesday-Sunday

Flower Dance

H580mm x W390mm x D330mm

Natural lacquer, leather, linen, Japanese paper

2020 China

Drawing _in the dark

L620mm x W1500mm

Natural lacquer, FRP

2020 Japan

Tsuba - The Way of Tea

H13mm x W29mm x D32mm

Natural lacquer, wood, gold powder, inlays of shell

2020 Japan


H58mm x φ99mm

Natural lacquer, wood, gold leaf

2017 Taiwan

Piece of Color

H520mm x W180mm x D190mm

Natural lacquer, bamboo, hemp cloth, Japanese paper

2020 Japan

Ritual-4 (Set of Four)

H70mm x φ70mm/ H70mm x φ50mm/

H80mm x W65mm x φ30mm/ H75mm x φ90mm

Natural lacquer, wood, gold powder

2019 Japan


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