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deTour 2016: When Old Begets New

立新不破舊 In collaboration with Cotton Car

In "deTour Programme 2016 - Game Changer," we start with delving into one of the traditional materials: bamboo mat which can be often seen in Chinese kitchen. Our intention is to reveal its forgotten value and repurpose its use with new interpretation.

The modern way of living has reached a state that sustainability is the new necessity. In the past, our ancestors have not only met their essential needs but were also able to live in balance with nature. As a result, they could cultivate a habitable and sustainable environment for succeeding generations. Perhaps we should look into their traditional wisdom of the natural world when driving design innovation for a desirable future.

Aiming to rediscover the beauty of traditional materials, we explore the possibilities of geometric transformation on hexagon bamboo hand-woven pieces. Progressively, the intuitive perception evolves into a modular framework. Each individual bamboo piece is rolled into a cylinder and held in position by knots. Then the bamboo cylinders are assembled into an entity in a radial pattern which reinforces the structural stability, while enhancing the visual quality of cast shadow.


現代人的生活模式不斷轉變,可持續發展是一個重要的方向。回想起前人生活的方式,他們總可在滿足基本需 要的同時,也與大自然並存,取得平衡,他們構造可生存及持續生活的環境,以孕育下一代。或許我們在追求未來設計創新的同時,也可反思前人對待大自然的傳統智慧。 我們探索一片片對等六邊形的竹 ,希望可再體現傳統物料的美學,把原來一片片平面六邊形,逐一捲起,以繩結鞏固,成為圓筒形的組件。 把這些竹圓筒以放射狀的形式排列,可以穩定結構,而且也可增加光線穿過透孔時所呈現的視覺效果。

Workshops 工作坊

The public can experience and explore the possibilities of creating with the bamboo mats. Their works will contribute to the evolving form of the exhibits.



Date: 24 Nov 2016 - 4 Dec 2017

Venue: SOIL and S506, PMQ

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