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Handcrafted Lacquer Chopsticks


Handcrafted Lacquer chopsticks. Additional decoration is made when lacquer is mixed with different pigments or materials such as mother of pearl, gold leaf, gold or sliver powder.

手工漆筷。 使用天然礦物顏色和各種材料混入漆中作裝飾,如加入貝片,灑金銀粉或貼金銀箔。

Handcarved Ebony Lacquer Chopsticks 刀削黑檀木漆筷

Handcrafted by Sunrise Lacquer 日初漆藝

Design and concept by SOIL

Handcarved ebony lacquer chopsticks 刀削黑檀木漆筷

Special Collection 手工天然漆筷

Handcrafted by Sunrise Lacquer 日初漆藝

The lower part of these chopsticks is handcrafted and polished with layers of lacquer in natural colour in order to reveal the beauty of the wood texture.


Decorated with mother of pearl and gold leaf, these chopsticks are polished by hand making each piece in a pair different and unique.



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