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Life is Fun-The Art of Origami


In collaboration with Chris Chu

I was fascinated by origami (paper folding) from a very early age. You have a piece of paper in front of you, probably a square, and you know that after some manipulations, it will become something recognizable, a vase perhaps, or a cat, or even an insect. It is like magic, turning nothing into something.

Spending the major part of my “origami life” folding existing models created by other origamists, I created my own first model, a popular Chinese dim sum, some 9 years ago. Since then, ideas kept pouring in and as of today, I have created more than 400 models.

Origami as an art, like all other art forms, I believe, is about expressing yourself. If a message in the mind of the artist, through his or her art work, manages to get across to the mind of its beholder, the art work has done its job.

在很久以前, 我已經迷上了摺紙。


在接觸摺紙的初期,我主要是以摺紙藝術家的作品作為學習對象。到後期,我開 始嘗試自己創作。至今,我已創作了超過 400 多款的摺紙作品。

我認為摺紙就像藝術一樣,透過這一門藝術去表達創作者的內心世界。 一件摺 紙作品最重要的是作品本身與觀眾的一個溝通,若一件作品能夠引起大眾的共鳴, 甚至能令觀眾明白藝術家想表達的信息時,這樣便足夠了。

The message I would like to get across to you through this mini-exhibition is simple, that “Life is fun”. To avoid creating unnecessary distance between my works and their viewers, I have used ordinary double-sided origami paper that one can get in most stationery stores, wrapping paper or printing paper almost exclusively. That my works never get passed a certain complexity level might have also helped achieving the same purpose. So, my friends, should my origami bring a smile to your face or strike a chord in your heart, I will be more than satisfied! 「人生樂」是這次展覽的主題。我在展出的作品中選了些比較貼近日常生活的 題材, 採用的材料也是十分普通的,大部分都可以在文具店中找得到。 我希望這 様能夠使 我的作品與您們親近多一些。 但願我的摺紙作品能勾起您們一些回憶, 讓您們會心微笑一下! 5 Mar - 20 Apr 2015



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