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Metamorphosis: Transformation of Asian Lacquer


In collaboration with Taiwan Sunrise Lacquer 日初漆藝

Through collaboration and exchange between Taiwan, Hong Kong and Myanmar, we leverage the strength of the materials available, craftsmanship and creative minds. Together we explore Asian lacquer art in a new perspective and embrace the diverse culture of these different places in Asia. In this learning process we grow, transform and innovate...a true metamorphosis.

透過台灣、香港、緬甸的漆藝交流合作, 善用三地不同的媒材、思維、創造, 融合多元的藝術文化,就如同蝴蝶在羽化過程中,蛻變求新。

Sunrise Lacquer Art in Taiwan and SOIL in Hong Kong engaged in a study trip to Myanmar in June 2017. We studied the process of local lacquerware making and techniques. The fruitful trip led to several design experiments which are to be shown at the exhibition.

今年6月台灣日初漆藝及香港土壤文創到緬甸考察, 當中研習了當地的漆藝製作和技術, 重新檢視和以新角度探索漆藝設計。 展覽上將展示一系列的漆器設計實驗。

The Versatility of Lacquer Art: Butterfly as a Metaphor 層蝶.變幻的漆器 The unique characteristic of Taiwanese lacquer art is about the technique of applying natural lacquer layer by layer to create a cumulative thickness with a mixture of natural pigments. After repeating the polishing process, the surface will reveal a gem-like dazzling luster and fluid-like patterns. Taiwan was once known as the Butterfly Kingdom because of its variety of species. Using the butterfly as a metaphor, the concept of this special collection is to demonstrate the diversity of Taiwanese culture and the lustrous and versatile finishes of lacquer art. 天然漆塗經過時間一層一層堆疊,將其累積的厚度琢磨出變幻萬千的光彩,散發出如鏡面寶石般耀眼的光澤,這是來自臺灣傳統漆藝「變塗」的技法概念,也是人們日日勤奮努力的願景,將臺灣特有種蝴蝶的意象裝飾在漆器表面,以蝴蝶層疊變幻的概念,演譯生命就像一場萬花筒的鏡變,你所不知道的臺灣,是個擁有多元美麗的世界。

SOIL, PMQ 21 Oct - 12 Nov 2017


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