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Moon Drops on Nagaski and Hong Kong


In collaboration with Mariko Tsuchiyama

Mariko was born in Nagasaki. She is a designer and a jewellery maker. She spent the early part of her career in the movie industry. She was a stage crew and became personal assistant of a movie star. Later on, she held a public relations position at a French fashion house and became a university administrator.

She loves dancing and has performed for a dance company. Dance inspires and keeps her creative. She started learning silversmithing at Hiko Mizuno College Of Jewellery in Tokyo, and at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. She worked for Marc Monzó in Barcelona, and Rosita Bonita in London.

Mariko Tsuchiyama 生於日本長崎市,是一位設計師,專長是手造首飾。她早期擔任舞台工作人員,並且擔當電影演員的助手。亦曾在一家法國的時裝店擔任公關,然後擔任大學的行政工作。她曾經也是一位舞蹈員,舞蹈是她創作的靈感來源。她曾授習於東京Hiko-Mizuno珠寶首飾設計學校和倫敦的中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院,學習銀器技法。之後,她曾在巴塞隆納的Marc Monzó 和倫敦的 Rosita Bonita工作。

Mariko believes that jewellery communicates individuality, gives courage and empowers people who wear it.

Mariko 相信珠寶首飾散發的獨特性和身份,能夠給予勇氣和信心給佩戴的人。

21 Oct - 6 Nov 2015



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