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“Ritual” by Akito Akagi 「禮」 赤木明登 30.11-22.12.2019

“Ritual” by Akito Akagi

「禮」 赤木明登


Quotes from Akito Akagi.


"I want to start from the middle ages to the modern period, which is the time the primary developing stage of Wajima lacquerware. I want to try to understand and learn the living things in these designs."

“Since I came to Wajima, I will buy and collect bowls made in ancient times as long as I encountered them. Gradually, I have hundreds of collection. During the work break, I will stare at these bowls and spend my free time.”

Shape & Design

“In my work, the shapes of utensils are very important. My utensils always have their origins. I know some people feel disappointed when I say so, making comments that I just imitate. Indeed, the imitation is a kind of exploring, the origin of the shape.”

Inspired from the Ancient

“Making replicas is to explore the beauty of the ancient pieces, to understand and learn about the inevitability of that beauty. In that unknown world, I may find and discover the shapes which echo with the lines and colours which have been on my mind.”


「想要先從中世到近代的這段時期開始做,也就是輪島漆器剛開始發展時期的塗物。想要試着理解並掌握那些形態中鮮活的東西。 」







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