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Shall we dance! Lacquer Art by Wei Nan A solo exhibition 2 - 25.9.2022

Curated and presented by The Gallery by SOIL

Artist Statement

The exhibition showcases my achievements throughout the past seven years of studying lacquer art in Japan. It is also the most comprehensive collection of works I have made since I started my creative journey. Over the past few years in Japan, I have spent most of my time exploring three-dimensional forms with lacquer art. As an introvert, I intend to interact with the outside world and express myself through my creation. It is as if I whisper to my works, unfolding my enthusiasm while creating each of them. This makes a huge contrast from my quiet personality.

My works are not decorative, and most of them are mono in colour. Instead, I focus on expressive shapes. The soft and elastic properties of leather materials and stretchable fabrics allow me to present the mystical world in my heart. I find the aesthetics from our nature in motion through the blooming of flowers, rippling waves by a breeze, and elegant lines of a human body. I want to convey to viewers that every gesture contains strength and vitality. It is as if they are performing various dance styles along a stream of silent notes. I wish to capture, through lacquer art making, the moments of dancing, the motion of blooming, and energy from within myself.