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Something East Something West

In collaboration with Wah Tung Ceramic Arts 華通陶瓷

Something East Something West 亦東亦西

This exhibition features ceramics which were mostly produced in Hong Kong during the 70s and 80s. The ceramics reveal a combination of different decorations, production techniques, shapes, figures and landscapes to create new designs. The pieces present a fusion of “west meets east” which is a true reflection and perfect encapsulation of Hong Kong's international community in which we live.

展覽的陶瓷大多是香港七十至八十年代的出品,大家可從陶瓷中中西合壁的紋飾工藝、製作技術、 造型、人物、風景,探索當時西方對東方陶瓷的愛好,我們身處香港應該最可體會這東西方文化的 影響、交流和互融。

Hong Kong, the former British colony remains a key city in the global trade of antiques from China and other parts of the region. Adjacent to Guangzhou, Hong Kong always enjoyed the advantage of geography, language and culture thus allowing foreign trade to flourish. After the 60s, due to the war and political turmoil, painters and ceramics masters from Guangzhou moved to Hong Kong. In the 70s-80s, Hong Kong’s ceramics business became the most prosperous as the society was relatively stable and open for foreign trade. Wah Tung Ceramic Arts, for example, in the 80s, implemented the full range of ceramics production in Hong Kong. Porcelains were skillfully molded, carved, handpainted and fired by the artists and craftsmen whom they hired or those scattered in the cottage industry here. Wah Tung once owned a retail outlet and showroom on Cat Street.

香港與廣州鄰近,華洋共處,擁有地理、語言和文化的優勢, 與外商的陶瓷貿易開始蓬勃。及至六 十年代後由於戰亂及政治動盪的影響,廣州資深的畫師和陶瓷彫繪師移居來香港,在七十至八十年 代香港開放和相對安定的社會,造就了香港成為了陶瓷業最興盛的時期,以華通陶瓷公司為例,於 八十年代與本地之陶瓷工廠合作,實行全線香港生產,並在於中環摩囉街開設零售,盛極一時。 8 Jul - 30 Sept 2015



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