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Something East Something West (II)


Dixon Ngai’s Handpainted Porcelain Experiments

Something East Something West (II) 亦東亦⻄
Something East Something West (II) 亦東亦⻄

Dedicated to the art of handpainted porcelain since secondary four, Dixon Ngai believes that the younger generation shoulders the responsibility to inherit traditional craftsmanship. In this exhibition, SOIL hopes to provide the endeavoured youngster with a platform to live up to his aspiration.

魏德⻯自中四開始不斷研究廣彩,以赤子之心研究傳統技藝,只有19歲的他早已認定年輕人有責 任去承傳古老行業。SOIL希望藉着這次小型展覽讓他的抱負展出第一步。

Influenced by his learnings at the reputable Yuet Tung China Works, Dixon developed his standard of "beauty" and "liveliness" on traditional art while instilling contemporary elements into his art pieces.


Date: 8 Aug - 4 September 2015

Venue: SOIL, PMQ


Interview 訪問文章:


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