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Something East Something West (III)


Master Lee Siu Man's Handpainted Porcelain Exhibition

Master Lee Siu Man was born in 1928. His family originated from Chaozhou of Guangdong. Although passionate about arts from his early years, it had not been easy for him to pursue this interest during the Chinese civil war. He had the opportunity to learn porcelain painting from a master, and it had become his life-time career.


Master Lee Siu Man Exhibition
Master Lee Siu Man Exhibition

Master Lee moved to Hong Kong in 1949, and made his living from porcelain painting. His desire for advancement urged him to pursue formal training in traditional Chinese painting. In 1963, he was taught by Master Pau Shiu Yau at Lai Ching Art Institute. After many years of teaching by Master Pau and his dedicated work, Master Lee has become expert in painting a wide range of subjects including landscapes, portraits, flora and fauna.

Applying traditional Chinese painting techniques on porcelain, Master Lee was distinguished for using bright and luminous polychromes. His works demonstrated intricate skills, combining Chinese traditions and new methods. Master Lee has become the most sought-after artist in porcelain paintings in Hong Kong.

一九四九年移居香港,繼續從事彩瓷工作,因感學而後知不足,遂於一九六三年開始在「麗精美術 學院」研習國畫,受教於鮑少游老師門下,經鮑老師悉心教導及勤勉學習,融會貫通,操筆多年終有所得,對繪畫人物山水、花鳥魚蟲,皆有可觀之處。


Master Lee Siu Man
Master Lee Siu Man

Date: 12 Sept - 18 Oct 2015

Venue: SOIL, PMQ


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