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The Art of Jute Embroidery II


In collaboration with Guangzhou Seeyou 昔酉

A major highlight of this new collection is a revamp of the Chinese “kung fu” shoes (literally means “martial arts” shoes). They were originally worn while practicing kung fu and other martial arts. Typically black in colour, the new collection will also feature other colors such as red and indigo. The design is based primarily on the anatomy of the human foot. The outward appearance has been improved without compromising its comfort.

新系列的特色是在於中國功夫鞋(即武術鞋)設計上的調整改良。 功夫鞋原本是在練習功夫、武術時穿著的,一般是黑色,而新系列則推出其他顏色,如酒紅和藏藍色。 鞋子的設計基於人腳的結構,從外觀上作出改善,同時保持舒適度。

Date: 5 Jan - 15 Feb 2018

Venue: SOIL, PMQ



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