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Travel Through Time: Veronica Gritsenko's 15 Years of Expedition

In collaboration with Black Elephant Studio

Veronica Gritsenko founded Black Elephant lacquer workshop in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma), in 2000. Veronica first came across Myanmar culture in London having met a Buddhist monk in 1995. She then visited Myanmar with him and fell in love with this extraordinary and beautiful country, which encouraged her to undertake further study.

Veronica Gritsenko 於2000年在緬甸蒲甘建立了Black Elephant 漆藝工作室。在1995年,Veronica 於倫敦遇上一位緬甸僧人,開始接觸緬甸文化。她跟隨僧人到訪緬甸,自此愛上了這個美麗的國家, 決心進修相關文化。

Veronica went to study Asian Arts at Sotheby’s Institute and later earned her MA degree in Indian Art from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Her dedication to reviving the art of Bagan Lacquer has led to her own unique technique based on ancient methods and materials. In 2007, Veronica established an institute to help preserve Burmese lacquer art for future generations. 她在蘇富比研究所學習亞洲藝術,後來在倫敦大學東方與非洲研究學院獲得印度藝術碩士學位。 Veronica致力於蒲甘漆藝的保育工作,她嘗試以古老的方法和材料,加上其獨特的技術製造漆器。 她於 2007年更成立了一個保育組織,協助緬甸漆器藝術的傳承和發展。 10 Dec - 29 Feb 2016



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