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World of Patterns


In collaboration with Natsumi Lino

Ms Natsumi Iino was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. She graduated from Musashino Art University Faculty of Design and Kyoto College of Traditional Art Department of Ceramics. She is running her Craft Studio Karakusa in Saitama. Karakusa refers to floral and vine motifs symbolizing prosperity and longevity.

Ms Iino is passionate about crafts and has her own creations including ceramics, bead jewellery and pysanky eggshell painting. She has always been obsessive with patterns. She has started her pysanky eggshell painting since she caught sight of pysanky eggs in a book at the age of fifteen.

飯野夏實出生於神奈川縣。夏實小姐畢業於武藏野美術大學設計系和京都傳統工藝大學陶藝科,工作室 Craft Studio Karakusa 現位於日本埼玉縣。Karakusa 意指唐草紋,以植物的葉、莖與及延伸的脈絡為圖案主題,也是永恆的象徵。

善於美繪的她醉心於多類型手工藝創作,包括陶器,珠串飾物以及烏克蘭復活節彩蛋 pysanky。夏實小姐的畫功精細,與彩蛋結緣於15歲時看到的第一張有關照片,經過多年鑽研,她筆下的彩蛋圖案令人目不暇、教人賞心奪目。

Every pysanky egg design has meaning. A circle represents the sun and nature’s triumph over evil. Dots stand for the future. A star is used to convey life itself, the source of light, beauty and perfection. Triangles are air, fire and water. Straight lines indicate eternal life. There is meaning to the colors, too. White represents purity, birth, light and rejoicing. Green is fertility — and hopefulness, the sun and life’s joys. Purple means faith, trust and patience. Black symbolizes constancy, eternity and the dark before a dawn.



1 - 30 Apr 2017


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