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ChengYan Lacquerware studio was co-founded in 2019 by LIU Han and LIU Shuai, both based in Xian, China. Focusing on the functionality and natural beauty of lacquerware, they aim to explore the usage of them in contemporary Chinese culture. They want to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern living, and to integrate the art of lacquer into everyday life.


They research on the diversity of lacquer art and persistently experiment with new methods and materials to design and create lacquerware combing both modernity and tradition.

Lacquer Wooden Tray By ChengYan Lacquerware Studio

  • The oldest lacquerware discovered dates back to the Warring States period (403-221 B.C.). the craft has been transferred to Japan, Korea, and other parts of Southeast Asia. The value of a piece of lacquerware only begins with the materials used to make it. A high quality piece of lacquerware requires the skills of several different elements: lacquer, layers, core materials, decoration, colours, design and process.

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