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Monica LIN Lan 林嵐 is a Chinese ceramic artist based in Hong Kong. Her recent work draws inspiration from the domestic potteries in the Tang and Song Dynasty and hinted with the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy. She is frequently exhibited in Hong Kong and Mainland China and is included in numerous private collections as well as in the permanent collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. She received the Prize of Excellence of 2018 Tea Ware By Hong Kong Potters. Born and raised in Shanghai, she was formally trained at the Pottery Workshop Hong Kong, and prior to that, she received her BA from Beijing Film Academy.

Porcelain Serving Pot - Green by Monica LIN Lan

  • Each porcelain piece is covered with a clear glaze, creating a unique milky white colour. Often made into more refined pieces, porcelain can have many other materials mixed with the "kaolin" clay - like silica, feldspar, quartz, glass, bone ash, and/or alabaster. These ingredients help to fortify the clay mixture and, when fired, produce a strong product that shares some similarities with enamel.

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