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Dehua white porcelain is white and crystal clear, with pink or milky white in the glaze, which is known as "tooth white". In Europe, it has won the reputation of "China White", Blanc de Chine.


Porcelain is the non porous option of ceramic. It is usually translucent, lighter in weight and thinner and has a delicate appearance. It has an incredible durability.

Dehua Porcelain Floral-shaped Teacup

  • Each porcelain piece is covered with a clear glaze, creating a unique milky white colour. Often made into more refined pieces, porcelain can have many other materials mixed with the "kaolin" clay-like silica, feldspar, quartz, glass, bone ash, and/or alabaster. These ingredients help to fortify the clay mixture and, when fired, produce a strong product that shares some similarities with enamel.

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