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Based in Japan, Jun Matsumura 松村淳 is a ceramic artist trained in Tajimi City Ceramics Design Institute and Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo (Crafts Studio).  His artworks have been exhibited in Japan, London, Paris, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United States.


As an artist growing up surrounded by the Japanese philosophy and subcultures, Matsumura creates work based on the practise of Kogei (Japanese traditional arts and crafts) and he uses porcelain as the medium to reflect on the delicacy of the modern culture, prompting the audience to rethink about the current situations in society and the underlying consequences.   


Each piece of Jun Matsumura’s ceramic sculpture is lovingly carved by hand over hours to yield soft curves and the sensual feel.

Ruled surface by Jun MATSUMURA

  • Each porcelain piece is covered with a clear glaze, creating a unique milky white colour. Often made into more refined pieces, porcelain can have many other materials mixed with the "kaolin" clay - like silica, feldspar, quartz, glass, bone ash, and/or alabaster. These ingredients help to fortify the clay mixture and, when fired, produce a strong product that shares some similarities with enamel.

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