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Inspired by the traditional Jubako box design, we used cypress tree wood and created stripes on the surfaces. It is then applied with lacquer with red pigment and adding black lacquer to the rims of the box. 


As a Japanese functional ware named Jūbako (重箱, literally mean tiered boxes)  can store and serve various kinds of food warm or cold, such as candies, canapes and sushi.

The Box of Party Time - Lacquer Two-tiered Box by Genta HAYASHI

  • The oldest lacquerware discovered dates back to the Warring States period (403-221 B.C.). the craft has been transferred to Japan, Korea, and other parts of Southeast Asia. The value of a piece of lacquerware only begins with the materials used to make it. A high quality piece of lacquerware requires the skills of several different elements: lacquer, layers, core materials, decoration, colours, design and process.

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