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Taro TABUCHI 田淵太郎was born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1977 and graduated from the Crafts Department of Osaka University of Arts in 2000. For a while after graduating, he was primarily firing his porcelain sculptures and vessels in a gas kiln at his studio in the countryside of Kagawa Prefecture. Increasingly he was interested in making a significant change — building and firing his work in a wood-fired ana-gama kiln, which he completed in 2007.

Among other Japanese ceramic artists, this unique wood-firing of white porcelain is what now distinguishes Taro Tabuchi’s work. His works had been exhibited in Japan, France, Turkey, Taiwan, Australia and USA and collected by Shionoe Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Anadole University Museum.

Wood-fired Porcelain Vase by Taro TABUCHI

HK$5,260.00 Regular Price
HK$4,990.00Sale Price
  • Each porcelain piece is covered with a clear glaze, creating a unique milky white colour. Often made into more refined pieces, porcelain can have many other materials mixed with the "kaolin" clay - like silica, feldspar, quartz, glass, bone ash, and/or alabaster. These ingredients help to fortify the clay mixture and, when fired, produce a strong product that shares some similarities with enamel.

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