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Gerald MAK is an artist based in London. He completed his MA in Ceramics and Glass at Royal College of Art in 2020. During his studies, he was awarded the RCA China Project cultural experience, a five month residency in Jingdezhen, China.


His practice is rooted in process, labour and material, predominantly in the language of clay, and process of carving. Gerald develops his practice in response to personal experiences and shared cultural identities - referencing his own exploration of self as a Hong Kong born artist now living in London. Frogs and hands are often used in his work as metaphors, carry certain meanings and become fantastical elements in the work. His practice spans sculpture, vessels to tile panels and installations.


Since graduation, Gerald has been awarded the Franz Rising Award 2021, DYCP Grant from Arts Council England, POCC x Shutterstock Artist Grant, and featured as an emerging talent on Crafts Magazine UK and Ceramics Review UK.

Gesture study cup (black shigaraki) by Gerald MAK

  • Gerald MAK continues his exploration of carving the hand motif in new forms. Gerald is fascinated by what the hand represents as a signifier of labour and gestures of communication, and to him, the hand's symbol has shifted to one of care and compassion. Gerald also felt the symbolic gesture of care by seeing his sister having her first child last year. The new series is a celebration, as Gerald also contemplates the changing relationships and dynamics of the new baby's arrival within his family.

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