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This is functional and particularly practical for storing fruits or snacks. Every tier can be used as a container. A perfect gift for special occasions.


Handcrafted with natural lacquer and designed in repetitive floral patterns, this lacquerware is made in Myanmar with intricate craftsmanship. It is of bamboo substrate coated with natural lacquer. The pattern is hand-etched and filled with mineral pigments.  

Burmese Lacquer Three-tiered Box with Peacock Design

  • Burma is famous for a unique style of incised lacquerware decoration called yun. The surface of the object is engraved with a fine iron stylus called a kauk. The incisions are then filled with colouring matter. This decorative technique probably took its inspiration from China where needle-etched lacquerware was made as early as the Waring States period (475-221 B.C.) and the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220).


    The decorative process begins with the etching of a freehand outline of the design into the smooth glossy red or black surface of an object. No stencils or patterns are used. The lines vary greatly in density and complexity depending on the design. On the best incised lacquerware designs are characterised by a rhythmic liveliness and freedom of movement. They resemble drawings more than etchings.

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