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For more than 30 years, Ichiko NODA has been weaving Sakiori using antique Kimono fabric and plant-dyed threads. Her family used to run a traditional Kinono shop in Nagoya, and they left many silk, linen, and cotton Kimonos that were 70-100 years old in their "kura" (traditional store house).She washes and exposes them under the sun to soften their colors and textures, tear or cut them into strips, and then weave them into new textiles. She hopes her Sakiori will extend the life of these beautiful textiles and will be appreciated by people in their everyday life.


NODA also collaborates with others for her creations. She obtains warp threads from craftsmen in Nagoya and Kyoto for specific dyes. She also uses threads of fabrics from Sachiko KOBAYASHI who is a renown natural dye/weaving artist.

Natural Dyed Sakiori By Ichiko NODA

  • Natural Dyed Sakiori

    Japanese Natural-dye refers to materials extracted from: Bayberry, Chestnuts, Silver Grass, Indigo, Mugwort leaves, Madder, Loquat, Japanese yaw, plum, Cherry blossom

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